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EHG Residential

The Complete Residential Home

EHG supplies a complete house ready for immediate occupation. We have a fleet of vehicles capable of delivering your building in sections anywhere in Kenya, teams of experienced builders to erect it, and professional plumbers, electricians and painters to complete the installations to your satisfaction.

You can choose to have additions such a half height external stonewalls, carports, fireplaces, cypress wall paneling, mosquito screening, built-in wadrobes and kitchen units. Select your home from one of our 17 standard designs or send us a sketch of your own design for conversion into EHG's modular system. We shall be pleased to supply you with a detailed quotation.

The Build Yourself Unit

The most economical solution to any housing requirement is to purchase an EHG building in 'kit' form, either ex-factory or delivered on site.

The kit will consist of all wall and partition components, roof trusses, roof frames, roofing cover and the hardware for assembly. Doors and windows are factory fitted.

EHG will also supply a full and detailed set of floor plans and erection drawings. EHG buildings can be built in phases, starting with the basic shell and later installing internal linings and ceilings, plumbing, electrics and built-in units.

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